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Chapter 7: Move Back to Texas – El Paso

The Hispanic Research Center works closely with other institutions and projects.  

General R. L Shoemaker, commander of the U.S. Air Defense Center and Fort Bliss, shows me on the map the area of Fort Bliss that El Paso Community College can use—Logan Heights on Dyer Street.

General Shoemaker at the ribbon-cutting ceremony held at the Student Union Building. The man on the left is Thomas Hatfield, representing the Texas Higher Education Higher Education Coordinating board. The man helping with ribbon-cutting is Joe K. Foster, chair of the EPCC governing board.   The last person on the right is me.

Joe K. Foster, chair of the EPCC governing board, left, and me, far right, at a meeting with a citizen.



Dr. J. W. Whitaker, superintendent of the El Paso Public Schools District, welcomed me to El Paso…outside the school district’s offices.

Fred Hervey, mayor of the City of El Paso, welcomes me to El Paso.

Me, speaking to students, with the logo of El Paso Community College behind me.

Me, chatting with one of the students.

Me, congratulating two of the members of Phi Theta Kappa, the national community college honorary society.

EPCC started an Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) program, which was Badly needed,  in cooperation with Hotel Dieu Hospital.

The City of El Paso named one street DE LOS SANTOS WAY. 

In front of the Student Services Building named after me at the Valley Verde Campus by the Board of Trustees, El Paso Community College, May 1994.