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Chapter 4: Job at Laredo Junior College

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After I earned the Master of Library Science degree, I enlisted in the U.S. Army. This is the official photo taken by a professional photographer employed by the US Army.

This is a photo of me taken when I was in the U.S. Army’s basic training. I served six months in the U.S. Army, two months at Fort Chaffee in Arkansas and then four months in the U.S. Army finance school in Fort Benjamin Harrisburg, Indiana.


Carmen Hickey Elizalde and me on our wedding day in Laredo, Texas.

The Elizalde family: Leonila Elizalde, Antonio Elizalde, Carmen Elizalde, and Antonio Elizalde Jr. The youngster in the middle Is our oldest son, Patricio E. de los Santos.

Carmen and me with our three sons, left to right, Patricio, Federico, and Gerardo. Patricio is holding his Pomeranian.