Comida y tradiciones Art Exhibit

Food and traditions (comida y tradiciones) are important cultural components in understanding a community and its larger contribution to the national identity. The artists and their art highlighted in this virtual exhibit represent the backgrounds and life experiences shared by many Hispanics across the U.S. These important elements of U.S. Hispanic cultural identity also mirror the diversity and symmetry that exists within the country. When incorporated in art these themes have been found useful with building connections across cultures.

In this virtual tour Comida y tradiciones the Hispanic Research Center has curated artworks within its collection to expound on the themes "food and tradition" in homage of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

You are invited to engage in the virtual tour by clicking on each image or title.

It is important to also point out that the Bilingual Press, a unit that is an integral part of the HRC, also has artbooks available for purchase for some of the pieces that are featured in the Comida y tradiciones exhibit. Links to the available books are: 

Triumph of Our Communities: Four Decades of Mexican American Art book available for purchase at the Bilingual Press

Contemporary Chicana and Chicano Art book available for purchase at the Bilingual Press

Chicano Art for Our Millennium book available for purchase at the Bilingual Press

We at the HRC hope that you enjoy this initial virtual tour. Please stay tuned to the HRC web site for additional virtual HRC art exhibits that are planned for the future! 


Virtual Tour Introduction


Cumpleaños de Lala y Tudi

Carmen Lomas Garza, Lithograph, 1989


Backyard Pachanga

Frank Ybarra, Serigraph, 2003


Las Posadas

José A. Garza, Serigraph, Undated


Dejo flores y canciones

Fidencio Durán, Serigraph, 1994


La preparación

Celina Hinojosa, Acrylic on Canvas, 1995


Bicultural Tablesetting

Rolando Briseño, Screen Print, 1998


Beans and Tortillas

Frank Ybarra, Laser Print, 1995


 Menudo: Breakfast of Champions

Maria Almeida Natividad, Serigraph, 2010


La Virgen de Sandia

Margarita “Mita” Cuarón, Watercolor, 1997


Pan dulce

Sam Coronado, Serigraph, 1988


Virtual Tour Conclusion


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