Yo soy / I am
As part of the Arizona State University Hispanic Research Center’s ongoing project to document the work and careers of Chicana/o artists, the Yo soy / I am video series features interviews with those who have made significant contributions to their communities and Chicano/a art. These series was produced by the Hispanic Research Center’s Bilingual Press.

Art Collection Virtual Tour
The HRC is offering a "Virtual Tour" to highlight art in our collection that addresses themes involving United States Hispanic identity. The participating artists have an interesting way of “mixing up” these themes to reflect their own identities.

Bilingual Press 
BP publishes works by or about Hispanics in the US.

Western Alliance to Expand Student Opportunities 
WAESO is a regional alliance of community colleges, colleges, corporations, government laboratories, and professional societies led by the ASU HRC which seeks to expand student opportunities for community college students, undergraduate students, and entering graduate students in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, and Utah.

Trailblazer: A Memoir of Educational Leadership and Service by Alfredo G. de los Santos Jr.

Past Achievements

Project 1000 
A national program created to assist underrepresented students applying to graduate school. 

Latino Outreach Magazine 
This site provides a series of images in a narrative form about a variety of subjects on Hispanic life in the US.

Community Art and Research Outreach 
CARO sponsors creative activities and action research in collaboration with community-based organizations and ASU faculty. 

Latina/o Art Community
Created to promote and assist Latina/o artists through information sharing.

San Francisco de Asís y las Américas/Saint Francis and the Americas
San Francisco de Asís es reconocido por todo el mundo y tiene una afiliación especial con el mundo hispano. St. Francis is recognized throughout the world and Hispanics have a special affiliation with him.

Bold Caballeros and Noble Bandidas in American Popular Culture
The web-based portion of a larger project that focuses on Latina/o noble bandits in Iberoamerican culture.

Transcendent Icon/Resplendent Quetzal: 3,000 Years of Art, Culture, Science (Site down for maintanence)
The web-based portion of a sustained commitment by the ASU Hispanic Research Center to the bird that is considered to be the most beautiful in the Americas and perhaps in the world.

Our most recent research presentation about the Resplendent Quetzal:

Eagles That Inspire: Intertwined Identities (Site down for maintanence)
Dedicated to profiling eagles of all types and exploring the way they have interacted with, influenced, and inspired mankind for thousands of years.

Chicana and Chicano Space (Site down for maintanence)
This site is a resource for teachers, their students, and others interested in Chicana and Chicano art and culture.