Mixing It Up Art Exhibit


The Hispanic Research Center (HRC) is proud to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage month through the production of a virtual tour of art pieces that are part of the HRC's extensive art collection. The virtual tour is narrated and produced by HRC staff members Santiago Moratto and Brandon Ortega, respectively. 

National Hispanic Heritage Month, established in 1988 as an expansion of Hispanic Heritage Week (which was established in 1968) celebrates the numerous contributions of people of Hispanic background to the US. The artwork that is presented in this virtual tour is part of an exhibit titled "Mixing It Up" that is currently featured in the HRC. The artists that are featured in this inaugural virtual tour sponsored by the HRC are all of Mexican background, and the themes that are highlighted in the art help to provoke thought and discussion of social issues that are prevalent in US society today.  

You are invited to engage in the virtual tour by clicking on each image or title.

It is important to also point out that the Bilingual Press, a unit that is an integral part of the HRC, also has artbooks and high resolution posters available for purchase for some of the pieces that are featured in the Mixing It Up exhibit. Links to the available books and high resolution posters are: 

Triumph of Our Communities: Four Decades of Mexican American Art book available for purchase at the Bilingual Press

The Return to Aztlan poster available for purchase at the Bilingual Press 

VG Got Her Green Card poster available for purchase at the Bilingual Press

We at the HRC hope that you enjoy this initial virtual tour. Please stay tuned to the HRC web site for additional virtual HRC art exhibits that are planned for the future! 


Virtual Tour Introduction


The Return to Aztlan

Alfredo Arreguín, Oil on canvas, 2005


San Bernardino Art Gallery

David Rosales, Oil on canvas, 2003


 Homenaje a César Chávez

Ester Hernández, Serigraph, 1993


California Dreaming

Jacalyn López García, Hand tinted photograph, 1997


Cocina jaiteca

Larry Yañez, Serigraph, 1988


VG Got Her Green Card

Isabel Martínez, Serigraph, 2001


The Monthter What Ate the Thity

Larry Yañez, Mixed media, 1997


Bridge Over the Rio Grande

Luis Valderas, Mixed media, 2002


Mujer zapatista

Malaquías Montoya, Lithograph, 1998


Return of Quetzaltcoatl #2

Xavier Garza, Acrylic on canvas, 2007


Virtual Tour Conclusion